Best Dog and Cat Food Dispenser with Timer

BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder

Dog and Cat Food Dispenser Review:

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks and so far I love this feeder. It comes installed with the large dispenser, which was ejecting too much in a portion for my eager snarfing cat with barfing issues so had to change out to the small dispenser that is included separately in the box. The instructions are sparse for doing this and it is the only thing that I would say is frustrating. Otherwise this is a great functioning attractive unit with voice recording and a sturdy plug in cord with optional back up batteries. Feel confident my little guy will be fed while I’m gone. Only wish it had six feedings per day instead of four.


  • Automatic Food Dispenser Makes Feeding Hassle Free for Pets’ Dietary Health & Wellbeing. Automatic feeder can avoid overeating and avoid starvation.
  • Capacity: 6L,around 6.5Lbs dry food, Size: 14.2inch * 8.3inch * 14.2inch. Suitable for small size pets, medium size pets, large size pets. Such as: Poodle, Bo Mei dog, cat, shepherd, Labrador and so on
  • 2pcs Meal size(S and L, size S for small and medium size pets, such as poodles, Pomeranian, cats etc. size L for medium and large size pets, such as Shepherd, Labrador etc.), Shaking Q pet(Gift: Tumbler pet toy) for small and medium size pets only.
  • 10 seconds voice recording is available to be played when feeding. 4 meals can be set at different times with different quantities. Dual power supply, Like laptop, when mains power is failed, battery power supply will be available. With three D size battery(Not included), the device can work for 2 years.
  • Automatic detection and controlled feeding to avoid excessive foods. If there is a lot of food at the feeding tray and the pet didn’t eat, the machine will detect it and stop feeding according to your setting. High quality ABS housing, anti-abrasion and drop, and environment-friendly. Over 10 years experience in producing feeder, meeting European and U.S. standards, environment-friendly, and pollution free.

BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder Review:

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