Buying guide: how to choose the ideal pool for your dog

Unlike us,  dogs hardly sweat  (they only sweat a little from the pads and nose) and their main way of regulating their body temperature is  panting . For this reason, the heat affects them much more than us, and during the summer months they tend to be less active and look for the coolest places.

A solution to make those months more bearable for your furry, if you live in a house where you have a garden, a patio or a large terrace, is to get a good  pool for dogs , where they can cool off, in addition to playing .

Throughout this buying guide we are going to take a look at the advantages that having its own pool can bring to your dog, and we will see what to take into account to choose the most suitable one for him.

Benefits of dog pools:

If you have one or more dogs in your family and you are lucky enough to live in a house that has land, be it a garden or a patio, getting a  homemade dog pool  can be a great idea, especially if you live in an area where summers are hot. These are some of the advantages of getting one.

It will refresh your dog and it will become his particular “spa”

Not all dogs like water; But if yours is like my dog ​​Rufus, I’m sure a doggy  pool  could become one of his favorite spots on the hottest days.

And it is that Rufus loves to get into the water when it is hot, and if we walk along the bank of a river, when I least expect it, I discover it in the water: he does not swim or play, he just stays in a place that covers little , and he lies down, leaving only his head out, and there he stays for a long time, until he cools off.

“One of the great benefits that having your own pool can bring to your dog is the fact that it can help lower his body temperature during the hottest days, thus preventing heatstroke”

Undoubtedly one of the great benefits that having your own pool can bring your dog is precisely that of being able to lower his body temperature during the hottest days of the year, something that can prevent a dreaded heat stroke: even Even if your furry is not too fond of water, as soon as he discovers how cool he is after a while in the pool, I am sure he will get a lot out of it.

It will provide your dog with great fun, while cooling off

A  pool for dogs  can become a source of fun for you and your dog, and it will be great, especially if you have children at home, since surely they can have a great time playing with their canine companion: you can throw some of them. ball or special toy for the water in the pool, to retrieve it, for example.

Another good option for the whole family to have fun while cooling off can be to get a “splash pad”, which is a kind of mat that connects to a hose and has edges, through which several jets come out. of water at different heights.

It can serve as an outdoor bathtub

Another advantage that a dog pool can have is that, at any given moment, you can use it to give your furry a good bath.

“Normally dogs don’t like to bathe them very much, but they tend to take it worse when we put them in a bathtub or shower. However, using a pool can make you feel more relaxed, being in a more open and spacious space. “

Normally our dogs do not like bath time very much, but they tend to take it worse when we put them in a bathtub or shower, be it a  bathtub for dogs , or ours, since they tend to feel more confined. However, when using the pool you can feel more relaxed, being in a more open and spacious space.

Factors to consider when buying a dog pool:

You have already decided that you want to  buy a pool for dogs , but now you must choose the most suitable for him. To choose well you must take into account a series of factors.

Strength and durability

It is important that, if you want to buy a pool for your dog, you buy one that has been designed especially for dogs: the typical inflatable pool for children will not do you much good, especially if you have a very active dog.

The  pools for dogs  are made of more durable materials that meant for kids, but keep in mind that some are more resistant than others.

“Although they may seem similar, dog pools are made of more durable and resistant materials than those designed to be used by children.”

If you have a dog that simply goes into the pool and lies there soaking, you will not have too much problem, but if on the contrary you have a whirlwind that continuously jumps in and out of the pool, and does not stop playing, have Take special care to choose a pool that is made of durable materials.

Normally,  folding pools are usually more resistant than inflatable ones , although, in any case, you should always ensure that your furry does not have too long nails and, of course, supervise him while he is using the pool, to avoid, to the extent if possible, it may bite or scratch it.

Ease of storage

The most normal thing is that you do not use your dog’s pool all year round, but only take it out during the summer months. For this reason, it is essential that it be easy to disassemble and store, since it will be stored for months.

If you get a folding pool, this will not be a problem at all, since, once emptied, you can fold it in a matter of minutes, and it will take up very little space. In the same way, inflatable pools, once you empty them of water and remove all the air, can be folded and stored in any corner.

“It is essential that the pool that you buy for your dog is easy to disassemble and store, since it will have to be stored for months. Always make sure it is completely clean and dry before storing it. “

It is important, in either case, that before storing the pool you make sure that it is completely clean and dry, so that it does not acquire mold.

Pool size

Of course, this is a factor to take into account and that will depend, above all, on the size of your furry, or if the pool is going to be used by one or more dogs.

It goes without saying that a large dog will need a pool large enough to lie inside. If, on the other hand, your dog is a small breed, you should especially take into account the height of the edges of the pool, since if they were too high, it would not be able to enter and exit the pool by itself.

Drainage system

Most of the pools include a drain that will come in handy to be able to empty them. This is especially useful when it comes to large pools, since otherwise we would have to tip them over to get the water out, which would be quite laborious and uncomfortable.

Checkout this best Pool for large medium and small dogs (foldable and removable)

Pool for large medium and small dogs (foldable and removable)
  • Overall size: 140 x 30cm/55 x 12inch (Dia. x H)
  • Simple to use: Due to the simple structure, this pet swimming pool is very easy to use. No air pump needed. After pets’ bath, just open the plug to let the water drain out, then fold it up. Plus, we give away a brush and four PVC covers which are used to cover the accidental damage on the bottom, and also you can brush and massage your pet.
  • Drainage adapter & mark: The dog bathtub comes with a plastic drainage valve at the lower position. It helps you drain away the water fast and conveniently. There is an attention line for the highest water level marked on the pool for your convenience when you pour the water.


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Buying guide: how to choose the ideal pool for your dog


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