iRobot Roomba 690 the cheapest Roomba for pets



If there is a brand that has great prestige in the robot vacuum market, that is  iRobot , thanks to its line of Roomba robots  .

Not surprisingly, on many occasions, when someone wants to refer to a robot vacuum cleaner, they directly call it “Roomba” (even if the robot is from another brand); something like what happens with the Chupa Chups, which is actually the commercial name of a brand but users refer to any lollipop.

The 600 Series is the entry-level line of the Roombas: models that lack the advanced features of the high-end ranges, but have the typical reliability and efficiency of the brand, being quite economical.

And it is that all the Roombas of the 600 series have a  system of two brushes  that work together to collect dirt and dust in a very efficient way: while the first brush lifts, descales and vacuums the remains, the second is in charge of moving them towards the suction channel, thus achieving very good results.

It should also be noted that all Roombas have  dirt sensors  (which the brand calls  Dirt Detect ), which are in charge of recognizing the places where more dirt has accumulated and alerting the robot to clean them properly. deeper.

Of course, it is also a  fairly effective Roomba at collecting pet hair  (although higher-end models are capable of doing it even better, as they have more suction power and special brushes); that has anti-shock and anti-fall sensors; and with a charging base to which the robot will automatically return when the battery is running out.

Within the 600 Series, you will have several different models to choose from. The simplest (and cheapest) is the 690 , which has the characteristics mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

The Roomba 690, of course, is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner on the market, and also the one that leave the most satisfied users: on Amazon they have literally thousands of opinions, with an average rating (at the moment as of this writing) 4.5 stars.

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