Neato Botvac D7 (pet edition): special pet smart robot vacuum cleaner



Neato’s line of Botvac robot vacuum cleaners   is well known for their original design: instead of being round devices, Botvacs have a  D-shape  that allows them to more effectively clean corners. This is something that undoubtedly sets them apart from their competitors.

They are also robots with advanced features, even in their entry model, the D4 Connected, so Neato can be classified as an absolutely premium brand  . The D7 at hand is, in reality, practically the same product as the D4 Connected, but with an extra that makes it especially interesting for those of us who live with dogs or cats: it is a  “pet edition” robot vacuum cleaner .

And it is that the American brand, thinking about the houses where one of our furry friends lives, adds to this robot an  extra pack for pets  that includes two filters, a brush and additional cleaning accessories, all of them specially designed to increase the effectiveness of the product. when it comes to collecting the hair of our cats or dogs.

The robot itself is also one of the best that you can buy within its price range: its suction capacity is really good; it has a 70% larger brush than usual in round robots, something that greatly helps to improve performance; it has high performance filters; and it has a autonomy of 75 minutes (not exceptional, but more than decent).

Furthermore, and as can be deduced from its “Connected” tagline, we are talking about a robot vacuum cleaner that can be programmable through an application (having a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection); compatible with Alexa and Google Home; and, most interestingly, with  intelligent laser mapping  (called  LaserSmart  by the brand).

This last feature is what will allow the robot to create a map of your house, which will then facilitate programming from the smartphone application: you can tell the vacuum cleaner to clean a specific room, or to take special care in the area you consider appropriate . In addition, it is also possible to create virtual lines, that is, limits so that the robot does not clean in areas where, for whatever reason, you do not want it to enter.

In short, a really solid option within the upper-middle range, and that will allow you to keep the hairs that your furry friend leaves at home.

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